The form of the poem, in other words, is crucial to poetry’s power to do the thing which always is and always will be to poetry’s credit: the power to persuade that vulnerable part of our consciousness of its rightness in spite of the evidence of wrongness all around it, the power to remind us that we are hunters and gatherers of values, that our very solitudes and distresses are creditable, in so far as they, too, are an earnest of our veritable human being. –Seamus Heaney

One way to repay Paul Broca for this lesson which he has inadvertently provided us is to challenge, deeply and seriously, our own most strongly held beliefs. –Carl Sagan, Broca’s Brain

I don’t care if there’s only three people out front, or if the audience laugh when they shouldn’t, or don’t when they should, one person, just one person is certain to know and understand. And I act for him. –Ronald HarwoodThe Dresser